Tsunami in New Zealand after the earthquake hits the country

In northern island of New Zealand after an earthquake measuring 7.8, intensity on the Richter scale, the waves of Tsunami have also emerged to collide with the Island. In this regard, a warning has been issued by the authorities.


In northern island of New Zealand after severe earthquake, Tsunami waves have been observed too. According to residents Earthquake was so severe that they came out of their buildings.

Earthquake aftershocks have been felt on intervals. Therefore, many of the people prefer to spend night under open sky.


A member of firefighter’s team told Radio New Zealand that many of the houses are damaged but until now everything looks fine.


According to American geological survey, earthquake intensity up to 7.8 has been recorded, because of the earthquake population living in coastal areas have been shifted towards upper and safer places.


The earthquake has been followed by Tsunami waves within two hours. After that warning alerts have issued in different areas.


Due to aftershocks, thousands of people left their homes and shifted to safer places.


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