Top 5 Untold Seo Tips And Tricks in 2016,2017

Seo Tips N Tricks In 2017

When it comes to SEO = Search Engine Optimization, every person is looking for new tricks and tips and the new methods to improve their overall search engines ranking its position and most specifically the position in Google Search Engine.

From marketing point of view SEO is still present and will be alive for ever because every search engine depends upon the content published by their author/bloggers & companies. However there are updates on every other day released by search engines such as Google. This made the small bloggers unhappy because they have to change their SEO techniques & strategies by the requirement on daily basis.

So in this regard I have come up with 5 best amazing and untold SEO tips which help you targeting your aims in SEO. Remember I am white-hat SEO guy who never used any black hat technique or unethical ways to improve engine rankings. Honestly if you working ethically and properly then you don’t have to be worried. I am making it easier this for you. I have recently experienced some best SEO practices (on-page & off-page) both included which sharing with you.

Top 5 SEO Tips in 2016

So these are the 5 untold tips which are being sharing with you for getting all the organic traffic and real results from Google & other search engines and as you know it is 2016 so these are the latest tips of this year which will prove very beneficial for you. So below are the most beneficial tips.

Tip # 1 – Update Your Content Regularly On Your Blog

The number one tip that I am sharing with you, because it has worked for me as well many times search engines and many experts also prefer this tip. Tip is updating your content daily accordance with the date. This means if you are posting some article or any post on your blog after a few days of its publishing go to that post /article edit it and add some more text/images in it and update it. You’ll see the search engines will come back to your post and updated the version of your post as well. I always use this trick to try to update my normal posts in a period of 2 months and popular in 3 months. But I’ll recommend you to update your post weekly if you want to get quick ranking from search engines this is the SEO friendly trick and original thing to do.

Bonus Tip: this is an extra tip to keep an eye on the progress after updating the posts/articles, use a keyword tracking tool such as or

Tip # 2 – Include a Video in Your Post

Another great tip which worked for me and it can also work for you as well. I currently experimented on a live blog post first of all I created a video on something then I created a blog post with a permalink and I kept in the draft mode, however I uploaded the video on,, &

These are some of the amazing and popular video sites and have millions visitor every single day I just added a blog post link to the description of the video and also elaborate in the video about visiting the blog spot if the person wants to get full information.

Then after uploading the video I published the blog spot and this method worked very well for me in getting good ranking better ranking as well. And as a result I get many visitors and having a video in blog post really attracts search engines bots to give some extra sort of exposure to that post because the video speaks much more than words and speaks more efficiently than words as well. And having a video in blog post really attracts search engine bots to give extra exposure to that post, because video speaks much loudly than words.

Tip: keep tracking your keyword again and again for the post so you may know whether it is improving or not.

Tip # 3 – Create E-Books & Presentations

SEO has to be played on a real ground and for this you need to be more helpful more natural. If you really want to improve your website or blog earning in a real and genuine way then take out some of your time for giving some free e-books and some presentations as well on the topics which you have cover on your blog. This can be easily done by creating a simple 10-20 pages e-book and then upload it to different platforms which offer free e-books one of this is below :

Don’t forget to include the blog or your website URL in the e-books you can easily find some top 5 free e-books service by doing some simple and easy Google search services You can find top 5 free e-books service by doing this simple Google search like “Free e-books submit”.

Now after e-books, the next and one of the easiest step is to create Power point presentations on something which you know very well it might be short or it can be long as well but it doesn’t matter include a presentation in your site and in also in your biography on the website where you have uploaded your presentations, some the sites mentioned below will help you for your free presentations and to get back links as well:

Tip # 4 – Use Fetch As Google [in Urgency]

If you want that the Google crawler know about your website faster and rank it quickly as soon as possible then you can also do this by yourself as well from the Google Webmaster Tools account, there is an option available in the Webmaster Tools called as “Fetch As Google”, which does a very easy and simple job, it will help you in indexing you home page easily and immediately on Google just by putting the URL of your home page in that tool

Go to your webmaster account >> Click the website you want to see >> at left side find >> Crawl >> Fetch as Google

It will already have the main URL of your blogs /site so if you want to crawl the main site then simple leave that box blank and then click on “Fetch“ option, after you just click on fetch option , within 2 or 3 seconds, Google will tell you whether your site has been accessed or not.

And you can also submit it for indexation.

This process is specifically helpful for the new websites or for some new articles/posts as well. Because the Google crawlers take some time to index your or some post of Yours but you want it quickly so you can done this by yourself just in a simple way which I explained above this method works for me as well This process is particularly helpful for new websites or new articles/posts, because certainly Google crawlers take some time to index your site or post, so you can instantly do it yourself. And yes, it worked for me always.

Tip # 5 – Build Quick, But Natural Backlinks

The 5th and last trick if you are taking very much care of your ON-Page SEO stuff such as optimized titles , permalinks meta description keyword density, keyword prominent, keyword proximity, interlinking and social media sharing etc, that all is OK and great to know,

But if you are not building the quality & the main thing natural back links overtime then don’t consider yourself for a long term stable ranking in Google. So keeping the main thing in mind, you should have to use all the available resources to create the natural back links for your site & single articles.

In short if you want regularly and quickly ranking of your website then create natural back links through blog commenting

The Do follow sites & .edu/.gov are used for this purpose and then use below website to create billions of free back links in just a small interval of time and then improve your overall search engines ranking as well.

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