PEMRA suggests to restrict Indian media content in Pakistan

Federal government has received an outline from PEMRA mentioning a suggestion to prevent Indian television channels and other media stuff on parity grounds which means equal number of Indian television channel shall be permitted in Pakistan according to the number of Pakistani media content, dramas and artist allowed in India by their authorities.
Formerly, Pakistani media content had been proscribed by Indian establishment. These included dramas, Pakistani TV channel and sports events from transmission in India.
Furthermore, Movies are also being restricted that starred Pakistani artists, Pakistani performers are not being tolerated in India and they are being insisted to leave their country and return to Pakistan.
The Pakistani authority has given decisive opinion that it will give permit to Indian content in Pakistan only when India agrees to allow Pakistani channels and content to be broadcasted in their country.
The outline encompasses apparent propositions for the federal government’s endorsement.

Pro-Indian media strategy to be abandoned

Because of the dependency of transmission of Indian media content on India’s decision at the moment, it will result in ending of General (r) Parvez Musharraf’s policy that, in turn,
As the release of Indian content is dependent on India’s decision now, so the policy launched under General (r) Pervez Musharraf will come to an end which, in turn, will encourage media industry and content.
PEMRA also explains that onwards 15th October 2016, the authorities will initiate to take actions against all unlawful TV channel and other media content. All federal and provincial departments are in contact for this purpose to implements its operations accurately.
The policy which permitted Indian channels and content to be transmitted in Pakistan had been accepted by then Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz.
According to recent events, PEMRA has recommended the federal government to terminate the policy. Awaiting the policy is invalidated; TV channels, Radio channels and cable operators will need to restrict Indian content to the limits of only 6% of the total. Any kind of contravention and violation will be stringently treated with by PEMRA.

Declaration about Landing Rights of Channels

In the conferences, a policy based on landing rights has been also declared by the authority. The new policy provides reduction in fees and simplification of the entire procedure to attain landing rights. Through this way, international channels will be promoted to initiate their services in Pakistan. The officials expressed a ray of hope from this step to result in an upsurge of channels based on education, research and the environment programs that will ultimately result in promotion of these subjects in the youth of Pakistan.
Mr. Absar Alam, Chairman PEMRA chaired the conference, and numerous officials and provincial members from different ministries ensured their presence.

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