Pakistan ready to work with new leadership of America


Pakistan is ready to work with Mr. Donald Trump forming new leadership of America

Pakistan’s foreign ministry spokesman Nafees Zakariya says that Pakistan is ready to work with newly elected government of America. He said that Pakistan will work with Mr. Donald Trump’s government for mutual interest and cooperation between both countries.

During weekly briefing in foreign ministry, he told that the strategic dialogue between Pakistan and America comprises of six main points. These include economic and defense cooperation, countering terrorism, mutual aid in academic fields of science and education.

Furthermore, the spokesman of foreign ministry of Pakistan Mr. Nafees Zakirya said that Pakistan and America’s relations and affair are not only mutual but also in favor of the region, and matters are based on international level which have both harmony and disagreements.

On Afghan government’s criticism over our country that Pakistan provides safe havens to Haqqani network, Mr. Nafees Zakariya stated that since the month of July 2016 until now, around 8 commander or leaders of have been killed only in Afghanistan, these killings were done by either NATO forces, Afghan forces or by the local police of Afghanistan, which is enough to prove the dwelling country of Haqqani network’s leadership.

The spokesman of Pakistan’s foreign ministry moreover told that Saudi Aviation’s commander General Mohammad Bin Saleh Al Otaibi has shown interest in buying JF17 Thunder and Super Mushak training aircrafts, and the officials of both countries are in contact for this purpose.

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