How turn smog into diamond through Smog Free Towers


Everybody in Lahore these days is trying to get rid of irritating smog. Here is a method which not only helps to get rid of smog but it also converts smog into diamonds. It really sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

But the smog that has been engulfing Lahore for many days and people’s lives and health are being badly affected because of it, so there is a need of rapid solution to this problem. Here the method to solve this problem is shared along with making it something more than a mere solution.

There is a way discover by a Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde. His project is based on cleaning smog and it comprises two parts. The first one is a tall tower measuring 7 meters. This tower sucks up the air that becomes polluted, it also cleans it at a nano-level. And, the second part is based on using carbon from smog particles for converting the waste into diamonds.

Towers Free from Smog

The Towers that are free from smog just suck in the air that has become polluted and filter it. The pollution then is entrapped inside the filters of the towers; conventional filters are being used for this purpose. In the next step, clean and filtered air is then released out into the atmosphere. It is done through four vents present there on the sides of the towers. The collected soot and dust is then used to create diamonds.


 Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)

The CVD process is the most widespread method of creating diamonds in laboratories. In this process, carbon is used, which is extracted from the polluted air which is collected with the help of Smog Free Towers. All the way through this process you can also have ashes of cremated loved one converted to a diamond.


Smog Free Ring, capture by Pim Hendriksen/Studio Roosegaarde

Here’s you can see a simple video on the method of how diamonds are created through CVD process:

Daan’s Inspiration

Daan expressed about his need and wish to solve a serious man-made problem. He decided to do it at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions.

His words were:

“Our desire for progress and our desire for innovation sometimes creates side effects that you and I can never imagine, creating an environment where children cannot play outside anymore.”

Addressing the issue, Daan has come up with the Smog Free Project especially designed for China. He has created the prototype for sample and initial stage and it is ready to be implemented once the green signal is received from the mayor.

While speaking about the launch of his project, he said:

“I would really like to do it in Beijing first. It is the city [that] inspired me to do this.”

This project can also be implemented at anyplace in the world including in Lahore, which has seen critical condition of smog take over the city recently.

Daan has very smartly connected existing technology in a way that he gets people to pay for a better atmosphere and cleaner air. The diamonds are bought by people who feel that air pollution is a problem and they are proud to participate in it for the solution of air pollution problem.

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