How To Earn Money Online With Mirco Niche Sites In 2016

How To Earn Money Online With Micro Niche Sites In 2016

Micro niche websites are the speediest way to make cash through internet. Such type of websites in general have consist of less material, generally 5 to 10 articles are measured to be adequate for the purpose of micro niche websites. Additionally, these are economical websites in comparison with regular websites. These websites point up on a solitary thorough micro theme. All the effort that is needed in micro niche sites is to grade these websites on higher count of search engine pages, so as to get maximum view and access by users. As soon as a website becomes ranked, one can begin to make money with no trouble.

Micro Niche Online Earning

Even if traffic on such kind of sites is not excessive, yet one can be able to dig up money with the help of micro niche sites. The query that may arise is somebody’s minds, just needs to be answered here is that how to make additional money in case if traffic towards the site is not more? The solution to this problem is that as an alternative of receiving worthless un-targeted traffic, definite elevated superiority targeted traffic is sidetracked from search engines all the way through particular SEO techniques. Therefore, when you have done with targeted traffic on micro niche website, your website can be monetized with the help of advertisement from partner programs, CPA, Ad-Sense etc. In case if you have been working on partner programs such as Clickbank, these sites are really capable of producing additional sales of products as compared to the common online stocks, where products are speckled about and consumers in general need to click, click and click to come across his/her explicit product. Examples of micro niche site keywords or micro topics include how to mount a TV, how to make straight hair, any product evaluation etc. both the long end keywords and the short end keywords are exploited for micro niche websites. But, long end keywords are much easier to rank in search engines while short keywords are relatively easier said than done to be ranked. In order to make money through micro niche website it’s required to go from beginning to end of a process, merely creating sites on a particular areas will not help to get enough traffic. The points that need to be pursued to create micro niche website are as under:
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1. Selection of the theme and the keyword:
For selection of themes of niches for micro niche website, its needed to look for the trends that are considered to be latest and are searched by most of the people these days on internet through search engines. These trends include those themes or topics that most of the people want to find. For example, if I came across to see that people have been looking for wordpress video themes more often, then I would select a niche as wordpress video themes or to be more specific rather I would select a particular video theme related to wordpress display place. As soon as the niche has been chosen, next, I would look out what keyword shall be used as the primary keyword. For this purpose, I would use any of the tools such as Google ad-ward keyword planner etc for proper keyword selection. Now, I would come to know that what keyword is most searched. In addition to this, its also know through this process that whether a keyword is low or high competition keyword. In case if a medium or high competition keyword has been selected, then it would be much harder to rank the website. On the other hand, if one thinks of him/her to be able to rank medium to high competition keyword, then one can chose it. Furthermore, if one wants to make a partner based micro niche website, then one should chose the keyword according the given product. Similar method would be followed for partner networks as given over.

2. Selection of Domain Name:

The most important keyword or part of the main keyword must be included in the domain name. Thus, chose a domain that adequately symbolizes the main keyword. Keyword specific domain would be much helpful for ranking a website. Also, it should be tried to choose shorter domain name that is effortless to remember. Through this technique, if a user or visitor likes the website and remember the domain name, he/she would pass on and recommend this website to other targeted users. This will not only boost your traffic but also create additional sales for the partner micro niche website.
3. Content Writing:
The user traffic is based upon the website’s content. It means that if you have distinctive quality content associated with the micro niche website, visitors would definitely use your website. Each article must be written of approximately 500 words for the micro niche theme. Give attention to the central keyword in the article then use it for around 10 to 15 times in your article, if you have an article comprising 500 words then the keyword ration that shall be used in the article has been suggested to be 3% to 5%.
4. Micro Niche Website Patterns:
There are some micro niche keyword patterns given under which may prove to be helpful to get an idea for initiating your own micro niche website.
1. How to use facebook
2. Funny knock knock jokes
3. Kenmore elite dishwasher product reviews
4. Things to be done on holidays
5. Printable funny birthday cards
6. Repair internet explorer/chrome
7. Repair damaged hair
8. Storage ideas for small spaces/bedrooms
9. Student vacation packages
10. Small/Home based business ideas
11. National geographic wallpaper
12. Home security systems reviews

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