How To Earn Money Online Wth Fiverr In 2016

How To Earn Money Online Wth Fiverr In 2016

1. Introduction about Fiverr
2. How does Fiverr works and its application for you interests
3. Complete method to create an account on Fiverr
4. Complete method for setting up a Profile
5. Tricks to formulate an all inclusive and distinctive Gig
6. More than 125 Top Gig ideas that can be sold by you to generate better revenue
7. Reason and weak points behind why don’t you get orders
8. Guide to getting orders
9. Guide to promote gigs more broadly on Fiverr to get more orders
10. Training Video Tutorials Free course in Urdu and Hindi to better learn Fiverr

1. Introduction about Fiverr

Fiver is a Marketplace where the process of buying and selling services occurs. The cost of services to be sold and bought starts only from $5. First, you must have some skills to apply for selling something. Second, you can create an account and start your purpose there. There are myriad bundles of skills that can be used by you to get a good amount as there are many people earning in more than four figures. You can get an idea about the skills in followed discussion

2. How does Fiverr works and its application for you interests

Once when you have created your account, you will be required to create a Gig(s) (it’s a Fiverr terminology for something that resembles to a simple ad) that must describe your skills, and even if you think you do not have such skills, its not a difficult deal to learn these skills. And the Gig that you will create it will be the source of reaching your target customers. Your gig will be listed on Fiverr, people searching for skills resembling to yours will come across your gig and start dealing with you with the help of their orders having sufficient details about their requirements from your work, later on you will be required to complete and bring your work on time along with given conditions. For payment details the conditions are as follows:
If a Buyer pays $5, then you will get $4 because Fiverr takes $1 per sale as their commission and it also substantiates that Fiverr itself is earning big amounts, so it has not need to commit any kind of frauds. We will later on discuss how to create account and Gig too.

3. Complete method to create an account on Fiverr
You can start from creating an Email account if you do already have one, but if you already have one you can go through that, no need to make a new one. Next, go on, click on Join button, you will find an option as below:


Now, enter your Email address correctly then click continue. It will ask you to put a Username and Password, you may just write a name that you like to be given, next, set a strong password for security reasons and Click Join.

Note: If you have decided to provide services based on different topics or categories then you may use any random name but in other case if you have decided to provide services based on single category then choose a name that best fits according to your services.

For Example: If you want to go for Graphics, then select a name which includes the word ‘Graphics’ i.e. Graphics_Designer etc. Doing so is simply advantageous because in Fiverr search some suggestions appear as User having Graphics and it helps in gaining more orders, yet it not suggested that when go for multiple functions.

fiverr earning tricks

The final step for the completion of your account is to go and follow the link in Gmail and verify your Fiverr account that you have created.
4. Complete method for setting up a Profile
After verification of your account, go ahead to settings:

fiverr tips online

Click on the option of setting and now setup Public Profile, then go to account settings, there you will find a little task to do and fill them up and verify or connect your facebook and Gmail accounts, because it creates a relationship of trust between you and the buyer.
Next, go to Security settings and set an easy question that you can remember and reduce the chances of forgetting, also be careful to it, because when you will attach Payoneer or Paypal card or when you wish to withdraw then the question will be asked, in case if you forgot and failed in giving the correct answer to the security question, you will not be able to withdraw.
These steps must stick to your mind while working on Fiverr.

5. Tricks to formulate an all inclusive and distinctive Gig
The Next step is to create a distinctive gig to attract buyers so they may get your offer that you are offering in $5. Simply Click on the arrow given beside your name on upper left side, if you have not created a single gig, then click on start selling, so you will be directed to gig creation section, where you can make easily or if you’d created one gig already then follow the image as under:

online earning with fiverr

Click on sales then either click on my gigs or create a new gig both include the option to create an offer.

When you will click on Create a Gig Option the page will be shown as the following:

fiverr learning online

There are 5 Steps included to Create a Gig:

Set up (here you can add title, images, tags and description)
Configure pricing (an option to add extras of more than $5)
Upload a Video (It totally depends on you to upload or not but you should upload as suggested because it attract buyers more to your offer and can increase in orders)
Buyer Instruction (You can ask buyer to provide you the required detail and information)
The final step is to publish your gig and an option to promote.

1. Set up Gig: where you can add title, images, tags and description

In the first step you will see a page as given below

fiverr onlinee earning ways

Add a title to let buyers know that your offers are about what ? and the word “I will” generate automatically, there is no need to write it.
Examples: I will do article writing, “for $5” will also be generated by defaults. Try to add a different, distinctive and attention-grabbing title like I will do professional and advanced article writing.
Select a Category for your Gig, now select a subcategory too, if you do not know what category is matching, then search on site the same title as above we mention article writing and check others gigs or find out the best category talked about on the front page of site in navigation bar.
Add an image as according to your service or create it by yourself in Photoshop. You can add 3 image descriptions in the gallery; the first image will publicized wherever your gig is listed.
Write an all-inclusive Description about the service that are you offering, bring up all of the things that you want to be added.
Add 5 Tags/Keyword which assist buyers to come across your gig while they write a query in Fiverr’s search bar.
Select Duration from 1-29 Days to complete and deliver the order, in starting seek to give offer in fewer periods but be supposed to be easy for you to deliver on time.
Click on Save and continue.
Note: If you do not get the idea to make it extensive, then you may check similar gigs of other top rating sellers and observe what they had done. Now create your gig by getting ideas from their profiles and gigs. Do not ever try to copy the same as others, because it can ban you or restrict your account, as a result you will lose everything, so be careful about it.

Now you have gone through first step of it.

Configure Pricing: An alternative to add extras (charges) in more than $5

Here you can add extras to be paid more than $5 and you can make from $5 to $500+ per order.

When you are a beginner, you can add only 2 Extras. It is simple step to add extras.

Now click on continue and this step has been completed too.

Upload a Video: A video will be shown on your gig page.

It totally depends on you that whether you upload or not, but you should upload as suggested, because it attracts the buyers more toward your offer and can help in increasing orders.

You can create a Video through following methods.

Come in front of camera and explain your offer
Use movie makers and create a video
Make video through:
1. Sparkol Video Subscribe
2. Videomaker FX
3. Explaindio
Add video and then leave it to upload, once uploading is completed, click save and continue, now this step is also completed effectively.

Note: If you don’t wish to add a video or want to add later then you may click on skip option and add later by going to sales and gig where you can revise your gig and do changes.

Buyer Instruction: You can ask the customer to provide you the required details or information.

It is very essential step because when a buyer places an order, sometimes he does not know or forget to add details to start the work, and you will be waiting for details and almost all of your time is wasted and you wouldn’t able to deliver on time as you have to deliver on the time as suggested to retain your profile.

Ask detail as according per your service, let’s suppose if you are offering a WordPress setting then you will need cpanel or word press log in details. So, you must add directions for your buyer.

Final Step is to Publish the gig and an option to promote.

If you want your service to be listed in new arrival section of Fiverr, then click on publish, otherwise you can pause it and again can activate it by going to sales option and then my gigs and activate there simply.

You can also promote your gig by copying the URL and post it on social media and through other feasible methods that you want to adopt.
6. More than 125 Top Gig ideas that can be sold by you to generate better revenue
There are innumerable skills that you may utilize to make money by selling your skills, but here I will talk about some of them. I hope you will like them all and will be able to get a broader concept of freelancing and can begin your work.

I’ve mentioned as according to categories and subcategories with some well-known gigs.

Note: There are a lot of but I am discussing only a small number of them.
7. Guide to promote gigs more broadly on Fiverr to get more orders
In this post I am going to provide tips and will talk about diverse techniques and methods to promote Fiverr gigs and increase the numbers of orders, but along with that I want to clearly mention that I am not responsible for anything, because I am providing you the authentic information and knowledge that I gained from my personal experience, more is depending on your own efforts.
1. Reason and weak points behind why don’t you get orders
Here is the reply:
Most of the newbie on Fiverr ask same questions. So, there are numerous factors which you can associate with this problem. The main reason is that competition is high as people are making more and more gigs but the number of customers is less as compared to sellers. Sometimes people even know about this platform, but they come here when they need the service and select one seller by one buyer. But now the owner of Fiverr has spent many million dollars on its marketing and advertisements to catch more buyers and make them addicted to it with great offers in $5.

The second reason is simple that if your gig is not pleasant and improved, visitors wouldn’t feel your service well too, no clicks, no views and no impressions. Then your gig go down and doesn’t show on the top. Most of the buyers prefer a gig which appears on the top. So, it results in your disappointment to get orders.

The third reason is the gig in new arrival section. Some of the buyers have a preference on the gigs in recommendation section or high rating sections. So, it also reduces your chances to get orders but there are several who also prefer new arrival services but mostly on the top.
So, It is very imperative to grade them and make them at a standstill on the top in the listing, this would be also supportive for you to get further orders,
Keep in mind at early stage everyone feels difficulty in starting online business so don’t lose hope and work hard with your absolute potential. The most important thing is not to give up in any case and work till you succeed. No one at Fiverr gets their success immediately, they have done many sacrifices, they left eating food, and they slept less and work all night for what? Just to get success. So, you just have to do the same.

Fiverr is too easy, but even still if you feel it hard then you are the only one who has to make it easy. You may do it if you are serious. It is an absolute system , that you have to understand and avail the benefits.

Like what the newbie do? They hear or watch a single video tutorial or something that is unsuitable and start working on it.
This is the mistaken method to start working and believe to become wealthy overnight. So, It is very necessary for each single individual to first learn it, implement and practice it to understand the system. While you will get to know or understood its mechanism then you are successful.
Get rid of the notion of making money, just focus in learning because this learning will lead you to big and more big money like money making machine. On reading article or watch tutorials and videos on it doesn’t signify that you learned it, you will have to put into practice what you learned and get the genuine skill and experience that will direct you to the success in real meaning.

There are various tips that you must know and bear in mind for a long:

Make 7 Gigs on varied topics or categories since if you could not be given order on a particular gig then there would be still a chance to get other orders from 6 gigs. I always recommend everyone to make 7 gigs so it increases the probability of getting orders or more.
The above tips are the first one that work. The second tip is to go on selling > buyer requests segment just after publishing gig o your profile. Go there and locate rational requests that you can do well 100%. Buyer requests are the positions or the voice of need of help in doing the specific tasks by buyers, and if you do for them, they will pay you. By doing this, you will get more orders and big ones. On the daily basis many requests by buyers are posted in this part where they inquire to send them a proposal of the seller offer, if they like it, seller will get an order. You can send ten offers per day in 24 hours. If you send ten offers per day then maybe your one of proposal gets accepted.
They just propel them blank offer means to say ineffective which is a fritter away or they send a proposal to that person who already gets many offers on that single requests. This is wrong way…!
First of all, examine yourself which task you can perform perfectly, second, make sure the buyer didn’t get more than 10 offers but if you find a demand that has less than 5 or 6 offers then don’t waste your time and send a comprehensive offer but if you are sure 100% that you can do well. Do not send them empty offers or meaningless proposals, do write something and make total attempt to induce them to agree to your offer, how to induce them? You should learn it.

The subsequent tip is to make your buyer a recurring buyer. Make an impact on them as much as you can by your conversation skills, your work and such conversing language. Force them to come again or refer someone to order you again. So just imagine if you got these skills and successfully made 5 constant buyers then how much you earned? $50 with $5 offers. You also need to learn that how to convert a client from $5 to $100+.

Promoting Gigs is also very important it can boost up your service and transport buyers to your gigs where you can present them and get lot of dollars as a return. Because when you promote your gigs then it gives right of entry to people out of Fiverr and if they like your service and need that service then they will definitely ask you to do it for him/her too. But the viewers and traffic should be authentic not like posting in Pakistani, Indian etc groups so it very important to know whom you are targeting.

If you are promoting your gigs but still not receiving good response or there could be some others causes that why are you not taking orders. So, firstly, we will discuss how to make a gig distinctive and attention grabbing for your buyers.
It is also very essential as buyers earlier than ordering, explore the authenticity of customer and visit your profile on initial momentary look so make it cool there are some tips in the following.

If you are offering services of similar categories but on diverse subcategories, then use your profile name alike to your niche. For instance if your Providing service of WordPress then select username connected to niche WP_Installer, WordPress_Jinny, WP_master etc.
Verified or connect Facebook and Gmail with your account as it estbalishes a trust between the seller and the buyers.
Write a Comprehensive Details about you, including 1 line brief introduction about who you are and two lines about your skills with 1 line your experience and how can you make your buyers satisfy with your work.
Never Copy someone else’s introduction about you.
Add a Profile Picture whether of yours or matching to your niche both are recommended and depend on your profile.

It also very important because before ordering a gig he/she check up the service and if they get it useful then they order you otherwise find someone else to do the task.

There are some imperative features that would be very supportive for you:

Graphic Design

3D Book Mock-up
T-Shirt Mockup
Product/Packaging Mock-up
Website Mockup
App Mockup
CD/Album Cover Mockup
Logo Design
App Icon
FB Timeline Cover Photos
Word Cloud Image
Info Graphic
Photo Touch-up/Red Eye Removal
Simpsons/South Park Character
Edit Photos/Graphics
Turn Photos Into Digital Paintings
Banners making
Ads banner making
Photoshop work
Vector Tracing
Flyer & Poster
Invitation card designing

Web Design

Install WordPress Securely
Install WordPress Theme Like Demo
WordPress Site Transfers
Website building & CMS
User testing

Writing and Translation

Write Articles
Blog content writing.
Edit Articles
Book Reviews
App Reviews
Listing/Directory Reviews
Press Release Writing/Press Release Submission
Write Sales Copy/Headlines/Taglines
Comments On Blogs/Videos/Social Media
Indiegogo Campaign
Transcribe Audio/Video
Write “About Us” Page
Write “Terms And Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”
Write Resume Or Cover Letter
Critique Resume
Translation Services
Article for Submission

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Keyword Analysis
Social bookmarking
Domain Research
Niche Research
Send Traffic To Website
Submit Businesses To Listings
.Forum posting
Submit to directories
Guest posting
Submitting site to webmaster tool and bing etc
Blog commenting.
Keyword research

Social Media

Tweet Messages To Followers
Social Signals
Twitter Followers
Facebook Likes
YouTube Views/Likes/Subs
Vine Followers/Re-vines
Instagram Likes/Followers
Pinterest Followers/Re-pins
Create Facebook Fan page/Page For Business
Setup Social Media, Create YouTube Channel
Manage Social Media
Share Links/Promos To Twitter/Facebook
Followers/All Social Media
Create And Sell Accounts


Video Testimonials/Spokesperson/Review
Intros and Outros
Product Testimonials
5-Minute Video Critiques
Whiteboard Animations
Stop motion
Edit Video/Add Music/Graphics
Convert Audio/Video Files To Other Formats
Whiteboard animation
Videomaker FX
Adobe after Projects.


Voice overs
Use Pets For Videos/Pictures
Take Picture Holding Sign/Message/Logo
Logo Advertising On Body/Hand/Car/Creative Way
Spell Out Name/Logo In Rice/Alphabet


Sing Happy Birthday
Help Brainstorm Company Names/Slogans

Virtual Assistant

Give Advice
Do Research
Research Amazon Keywords/Niches For Writers On Kindle
Teach Lessons/Language
Test/Do Q/A For Apps/Software
Virtual/Remote Computer Repair/Cleaning Service
Virtual/Remote Virus/Malware Removal
Post Ads To Craigslist/Kijiji
Submit Free Ebooks Promo To Websites

Digital Products/Downloads

Graphics Package

Proxies Lists
PLR Articles
PLR Books
Write Your Own Books
Exercise Plans
PowerPoint Templates
Repair Guides/Manuals
Ideas For Businesses/Campaigns For Specific Niches
Resume/Cover Letter Templates
Business Strategy
Site Lists


Critique Websites
Facebook Wall Posts / Relationship Statuses
Give Dropbox Space Using Buyer’s Referral Links
Send Postcards / Create Postcards
Create/Convert To PDF

Title must be different and distinctive from others but should have the appropriate wording describing your gigs because buyers don’t get your explanation at first glimpse, you will have to compel them to click on your gig and for this very reason your image and title should be matchless and conspicuous. Also add some paramount words with the title like Professional, eye catching, killer, Advance, in 24 hours, Brilliant and many more etc.
The title of the gig should be precise but describe your gig and capitalize or prominent the one word about what gig is like I will design a LOGO, so here LOGO is capitalized.
Add an Image that seem excellent and add your name to it, if you are having symbol also add that via Photoshop. Try to make a image or find it on Google just prepare for publication and you are done. Add three Images but the image which you will add at first will shown where your gig is listed. Observe the picture/Photo as a buyer and decide will customers come on my gig or not.
Select the Right category and sub-category for your gig or get others offers listed and check their sub-category exposed on the top and underneath of title and do it, because most of buyers find their required service in the course of category or sub-category.
Write a detailed explanation which will explain your total services and this is the most important and helpful factor which force and lead the customers to place an order with you. If you are not getting an idea to write it more well-organized and all-inclusive then visit others but do search comparable gigs of others sellers, read them of 6-7 descriptions, get an idea and write it in your own words. Remember never try to copy anyone else’s material as it comes in copyright and Fiverr can ban your for this action.
Add Proper Tags as it helps you in finding or appear in search suggestion and a chance that buyers will be yours.
Use some Keywords in your explanation as from time to time your gigs also come into sight in Google searches.

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