How to earn money online with Dailymotion website and videos

Hi friends, today we will discuss about How to earn money with the help of Dailymotion videos. And, even more exciting thing in this article is that I m going to give you a complete video tutorial in simple Urdu/Hindi language, that video will be based on giving you complete guidance about the website Dailymotion Official and Publisher account through which we can earn money in quite an easy way.
In essence, this site is comparatively a kind of innovative substitute of YouTube to earn money online with the help of videos. Dailymotion has its own videos monetization policy for the owners of videos. They also have publisher programs for their service users to earn money online through videos. It is in actual fact an elegant thing as every person does not require to sign up independently on individual origins with an advertising policy (same as Adsense) in order to monetize videos.
The only shortcoming of the new for this monetizing plan is that, there do not appear to be any greater number of Advertisers using this medium. Fewer amounts of Advertisers simultaneously means less money earning chances online for content creators and publishers.
Fundamentally, two types of programs have been offered by Dailymotion to earn money through videos:
1. Dailymotion official program
2. Dailymotion Publisher program

Dailymotion Partner program:

Certainly, this program is only for the content producers or content owners to monetize videos which they have created. The fascinating thing is that, they present about 70% of the income share to their official program partners for His/her videos. So, just signup to become the official user by visiting the link below:

“Apply for the Dailymotion Partner program “

Dailymotion publisher program:

Note: Dailymotion has now merged this with Partner Program.

This program has been particularly produced from Dailymotion for the purpose of making money online for websites or blogs and also for social media fans pages owners. In case if you have any fan page on Facebook with a massive number of fans and also on twitter then you may use this program with no trouble. Also, you can earn money through this program. You can also share videos on your website or blog with the help of this program for the purpose of earning money online with videos.

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