How to earn from YouTube videos


Most of the people think that YouTube is a website only for watching songs, movies and videos, indeed, it is a website full of information almost about everything of the world. Surely, the way you earn money from other website through advertisements and commercialization. Similarly, you can earn money from YouTube. You must have heard about Google Adsense, it is a service by Google which offers you dollars in return for advertisements on your website. Presently on YouTube, this service is only for America and Canada. But, there is another way through which you can earn money on YouTube from any corner of the world. From YouTube you earn through Google Adsense, which means that you can use this account for any of your other websites. You must be now thinking how to earn from YouTube when it does not offer its service in other countries of the world. So, there is always a solution to every problem.

How to start YouTube

For starting your work, I will share some tips and tricks here that will encourage you more to start you work on YouTube. So, pay your attention to this guide, continue to read and try not to ignore anything. This guide contains full information that you need and you cannot learn these things without personal experience.
There are some important points that must be kept in mind while planning to start a YouTube channel. If you have a good knowledge of these points you may go ahead.

• Minimum 1080p Video
• High Quality Audio
• Personality in Video
• Uploads on regular schedule
• Branding
• Repetition without worrying

Now let’s try to understand these points and their importance.

• Minimum 1080p Video


In fact, 1080 is the latest 720. It is always prioritized to watch and download YouTube video, songs and movies in 1080p. It is the main reason that I have suggested you create your video content minimum in 1080p. High resolution is a better quality of videos. One more thing, if you want your video also to be seen by people having slow internet, then, there is no need worry because YouTube keeps the option to demote the video up to 144p.

• High Quality Audio


It is mandatory to ensure that the Audio recorded in your videos must be high quality too. It is because even if you are recording you videos on expensive costs and with great effort, but your Audio quality is poor and not clear and understandable by the audience, or the volume is too low to hear or too high to understand, all of such situation will really annoy viewers and they may quit to watch your video even before its completion. So, please record High Quality Audio while making your videos, volume limits must be normal or a little loud, but never keep it too low to hear ultimately making it difficult for listeners to understand without headphones.

• Personality in Video


Another important tip is that don’t be artificial. Be real what you are. Speak and act in a normal way according to your accent and your dress and all of your personality’s magnetism. You cannot receive attention if you look dumb in your videos. It is like you make friends in real life with decency of your personality, similarly you have you to attract viewers to become subscribers for your YouTube channel. You just have to be what you are, and people will find you who like you and your work.

• Upload on regular schedule


Create a regular schedule for uploading your videos. It is the best way to keep your viewers engaged. Going off schedule may lose your viewers. It depends on you that how often you can upload videos. It may be one video per day or more, or one or more videos every alternate day, you can decide yourself what schedule is more adaptable for you. This way they will like to see your videos more, because all they know is that you will consistently upload their desired content through your videos.

• Branding


This is what many of you don’t get.

What exactly is meant by branding?

It is simply selecting your main color scheme and apply it everywhere on you channel. For suppose you can use it on Channel Art, DP, Thumbnails, Facebook Page etc.

Advantages of Branding

When people notice that pattern of similar color scheme has been used on all the things, they consider that a particular thing has been made by your brand. Because that specific color theme becomes recognition of your brand. Therefore, apply all of the techniques mentioned above in order to create a center of attention for maximum number of audience.

• Repetition without worrying


Now you are almost done with all the information that you must know to become an active YouTuber. Just remember the given tips and step ahead. Now, if you follow all of the given things, you will still need to struggle, if you keep focusing on number of viewers, subscribers, comments and for the most part EARNING.
So, there is no need to care about such things. Just keep on doing whatever you like to do on YouTube, and just keep on doing it. Continue to upload High Quality videos. Crush it and the important thing, keep on sharing your videos on all you social profiles.

You can also create interlinks between videos, you can also suggest your viewer links to your other videos to watch next. All of these steps will increase viewer engagement and watch time for your videos, and it the main thing on YouTube to get noticed and get maximum numbers.
Being careless for numbers is suggested here only because if you will keep your eye on these things from the start, you will only be disappointed, because this journey takes time. So just continue to do you efforts and soon you will be glad that you didn’t care for these things since very start.

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