How to earn $100 cash and more from ClickBank

Online earning is not as much a complicated task as it seems, the actual demands for online working are certain techniques that need to be followed in a correct way to get results. Undoubtedly, internet is greatly enriched with money making ideas, but the point is that only few of these ideas receive your consideration. Blogging and affiliate marketing is the best known methods to make money online. Here in this article, I will help you to understand how you can earn more than $100 with clickbank. The only condition is to fully follow the tricks that have been mentioned here.
First of all, you will need to register a free account on clickbank to start your online earning. Once you have registered you account, the next step is to find and select your product that you want to sell online. Now start to promote your products so that you can make commissions.

1. Select a PRODUCT and PROMOTE it

Register an account with Click Bank (One of the largest affiliate programs where buying, selling and promoting of digital products occurs) Now find a product that you can promote. It is suggested to select prefer a product between the range of $20 to $50. A product of such kind needs at least 8 sales to earn about $100. Your chances of earning will be based on your product selection and its promotion. The higher the price of a product, the greater the commission will be. Average commission offered on clickbank ranges from 50% to 75%. Whereas, it must be noted that chances of selling an expensive product are also lesser than the products offered on lower rates.
After creating an account and selecting your product, find best sales promotional methods to make money. Your username is a clickbank ID that you will need to promote your selected products. Following picture may help you find your desired product.

A list of related products that you have written in the search bar will appear. Now you have to check their price and commission. Select your product and click on Promote as given in the image below.


A new window will now appear that will ask you to enter your Username or the Account Nick Name. Select the “Create” button and get your affiliate code. Now your task is to promote that code as much as you can. Every sale occurring through your code will increase your commission for that product. Remember that every product has a different code.

2. Promotional Platforms

A list of promotional platforms has been given below which can help you to promote the clickbank products so that you can use your affiliate code and earn commission.
• Websites
• Blogs
• Social Media Websites
• Articles
• Forums
• Guest Blogging
• Comment Posting

Follow the steps below to earn your first $100.


3. Promotion Start

 Find forums and sites that are related to the product. Now share your affiliate link in your signature. Start to take part in forums so that you become be able to drive tons of free traffic to the page of your product.
 Please ensure to write a helpful anchor text for your affiliate link. Also take part in appropriate categories and threads. The more your participation the quicker your sales increase. Remember that your target is a minimum of 8 sales. That is not so difficult.
 Take part in 10 or more forums, and post minimum 100 comments in each forum. But remember, never try to spam any forum, else, your account will be banned. If you will select forums related with your product, you will certainly earn your commission within few days. Also, try and test the product, if it is good in performance, then increase your comments in favor, otherwise change the product with a better and one start to promote a better product.
 Share the link with your Facebook friends in a rational way.
 If you also know about Relationship Marketing, try using it. At first build trust, now suggest the products to your friends, this way you will get positive result.
 Article marketing and comment posting is also an effective method to promote your product the web without any cost. Write some articles about the product and publish in article submission websites with your affiliate link included in signature. Ezinearticles, articlesbase and hubpages are good websites to write promotional articles for your product. Simultaneously, posting comments on blogs with your affiliate link in the URL field can also boost your free traffic towards the target. The more efforts you put the more sales you make.
These are the possible promotional ways through which you can earn your first $100 and even $1000. Your target achievement completely depends on your efforts, the more you make efforts the more you can earn. Follow the steps, and it is guaranteed that you can make it.

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