How to create and earn from a website

With the help of an impressive website, we can introduce and express our skills, ideas, talents, and personality to the world. It is the best and low cost method to ensure your presence in the world of internet. Let’s suppose, you are creating a product or service at a small or large level, you have a private school, college, hospital or a non-governmental organization (NGO); you are providing any service of law, architecture, interior designing, fashion designing, photography, event management; you own any other organization which provide certain services related with food and restaurants; or even if you are a journalist, a writer or an artist. Yet, you are incomplete without your own website in this modern world of internet. Your access is limited to a particular area or class. Whereas, only a single website can help you spread you business and introduce your work at a global level. An efficient and effective website can really boost the performance of your business and ultimately increase your goodwill.

Websites that give more earning:

People and organizations who felt the requirements of changing trends and upgraded their business according to latest demand, now they are moving on a faster pace towards achieving their developmental goals. In order to create a website, you don’t need any huge investment. It will only take 15 to 20 thousand rupees to put foundation of your own website. You might be thinking that your work is running well even without a website then why will you need it. For this, I will only say that advertisement and publicity expenses made in a proper way never go waste. It can be noted that if publicity does not give results, then PEPSI, COCO COLA and other multi-national companies would never spend such huge amounts on advertising and publicity. So, no matter whether your business is small or larger, but the rule that applies to all is that “what is seen is sold”.

Never get your website prepared by an unskilled person

After reading this, if you ever feel that you need a website for development of your business, then please never fall into the trap of any unskilled web designer, who claims to create your website for free or below half of the mentioned amount. The reason behind this is, only creating a website is not enough, but the real skill is that when anyone visits your website, he should receive a positive impression of your website every visit. Except this, the web designer must keep in mind the rules of SEO, so that your website may rank well in the Google serach. It’s because, if your website does not rank well in the Google search, you will not achieve desired benefits from your website; so, make hay while the sun shines. Consequently, it’s better to avoid free and cheaper sources for web designing, and get a professional web designer hired for serving your purpose, who keeps in mind your business and market demands while working.

Make a plan before making a website

We often face a problem that in our society people do not know much about what they want to be included in their website. It results in conflict of choice. This situation also irritates the web designer. The best solution to this problem is making a careful plan before going ahead to make a website. To be more precise for this, search and observe websites already available on the internet that resembles to your business theme. Now, choose a website that you feel is the most appropriate, and design your website as its pattern. But, never copy; make some reasonable changes according to your requirements.

Make your online store:

Until now, whatever has been discussed here, it is related to people who are directly involved in official business and put invest heavy amounts. Contrary to this, at global level, new type of business is developing at a faster pace. In this, you don’t need any office or shop. But, you can start a fine business through minimal investment. It is known as “E-Shop” or “Online Store”. Websites that facilitate for buying and selling are called E-Shop. In developed countries, most of the people do their shopping through these online stores available on the internet. Examples include EBAY, Amazon, AliBaba etc. However, in Pakistan, mostly high class people have been following the trend of shopping online until now. Usually E-Shops are famous for buying and selling of Mobile Phones, Laptops, I-Pads, Camera, Jewellery and Electronic accessories, but there are many new trends emerging day by day to succeed in this field. If you have a new and exclusive idea, and you are strongly determined to do something, or you want to start any business online, then you can also create an online store to try your skills.

What will you need to create an online store?

Currently, the method which is being followed for online shopping in Pakistan is cash on delivery basis. You put an order online and when the product reaches your doorstep via courier then you pay cash. For making an online store, you need distinct ideas and investment and also an admirable web developer. A professional web developer working on the project of E-Shop may charge you an amount ranging from 40 to 80 thousand rupees. Along with this, for regular up gradation of your website, you will also need a trustworthy employee. In this regard, your return response will depend on your investment and efforts. Indeed, this is a full time job that needs much hard work at the beginning, while, the income does not come quickly but yes those people who are very active on social media earn more quickly. You can try your luck in this field by following above mentioned things in your mind.

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