FPCCI reviews trade between Pakistan and India


KARACHI: The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) said it would think about suspending trade ties with India in case if the state of affairs did not get better before long.

Mr Abdul Rauf Alam the president of FPCCI expressed that Pakistan did not have any kind of obligations for continuing business and trade relations with India under the contemporary intimidating situations. He further said that the business community of Pakistan was unified to take a decisive step for the given situation in the region, they concluded, it was not likely to prolong trade relations with India in such critical situations.
He also expressed the point about the position of the SAARC Chamber of Com¬m¬erce and Industry. He said that they are left with no choice, what they can only do is to encourage trade relations with D-8 and ECO countries.
Mr. Alam said that the China-Pakistan Econo¬mic Corridor (CPEC) and the Kalabagh dam had been also confronted with disagreements and losing such prospects could be negative for the country. He further added that the CPEC was a game-changer; however there was little responsiveness amongst the business community regarding the CPEC project. He also advised the community to work in agreement and keep away from politics of allegations in order to perk up the image of the summit body of trade and industry (FPCCI).
Mr. Alam had the opinion that without making any payments for outstanding sales tax refunds to exporters, the country will not steps forward and declining exports will also not get better.

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