Entrepreneurship in Sialkot helps to rebuild the city without Government support

In Pakistan Sialkot is the main Hub for sports goods. Sports goods made in Sialkot are locally used and are exported as well, Sports goods from Silakot been also used in a international footballing event FIFA World Cup , a big event of 2014. Khuwaja Masood Akhtar introduced Brazuca in the market, Brazuca is a name of ball which is specially used in the finals of events. Brazuca balls are exported by Khuwaja Masood Akhtar he is the owner of the factory. According to him that it is a false excuse that jobs are lacking in our country and making your career has became a big challenge such mindset are unaware that any person with civilized mind can start a career in entrepreneurship and solution exists for every problem which we face in our day to day life only we have to concentrate on the possibilities and have to value the skill work which we find in our surrounding.

Chamber of Commerce Enterprise

Businessman of Sialkot took this responsibility upon themselves rather than waiting for the government to take the arrangements and organize a confined infrastructure. The Chamber of Commerce was in charge for setting up countries first dry port, confidentially financed. Before delivering goods to the conformist port they can be clear of the customs at this port. This leads to local businesses investing in the creation of the city’s airport. This is the Pakistan’s first and only confidentially owned airport. The airport manages 53 flights in a week. It became helpful for attracting foreign interest even more.
To Mr. Akhtar’s company noteworthy things which matter the most while underneath a thriving business are given below:
 Hard working
 Excellence
 Quality
 Fortune
 Dedication

1) Hard-Work

Hard-work is very essential for your own career and for the organization you are working in without hard-work business cannot be successful It varies from starting the venture to finding investment and investors. successful to become the most excellent is an ideology. Ideology can never be proven without its implementation in the organization. Hard work can enhance you professional profile in the company and won’t be unnoticed it will reward you at the right time .

2) Excellence

Pakistan has been the central point of a variety of tragedies which has disrupted the whole system. It was a reverse time for Pakistan when a incident happen in past when Sri Lankan team came to Pakistan to play a series and unfortunately they became the victim of terrorist attack. That period became the flipside for the sports and country too. Since then it took a lot of time to rebuild the image of country at international level. Mr. Akhtar further explains that while supporting a business struggle always play a very important role. Things which are out of our hands cannot be accounted for consequently they can only be endured.

3) Quality

Struggle is steady and is usually influenced by outer factors. However, quality can be controlled. Sialkot is well-known for its sporting goods because of its quality and excellence. The city’s 8,000-member chamber of commerce shares that Sialkot exported $2bn-worth of goods last year, and 9% of the country’s total exports of $22bn. Numbers of selling can only be high if the products are up to the requirement of market. Quality work always pays back the investment.

3) Fortune

Residing market which is globally known for sporting goods convey a very important role in Mr. Akhtar’s favor along the years which has been a good luck for him in this field. Millions of sports good have been exported by Pakistan which has been used in international events.
As described before excellence of products is essential. Companies based in Sialkot went down in business after failing to look forward to the replacement of badminton rackets from wood to graphite and aluminum.

4) Dedication

After reverse time as explained before, it is necessary to be dedicated to get back up once again. Updating the sport goods, equipping them with the newest technologies and ensuring that the originality of sports goods remains same is very important. In the modern world technology has proved essential for the sports goods. The people of Sialkot now desire to establish a institute or university which will increase the ventures and local people in the field of sports goods that will also help the organization to be better in progress.

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