Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of America



“Its time to become a United Nation”, said Trump.

In America, the presidential candidate from the Republican Party Mr. Donald Trump has defeated his counterpart Ms. Hillary Clinton; ultimately he has become 45th president of United States of America.

The newly elected president says that he will serve all the Americans; he has also asked for unity in the country after all the conflicts that emerged during election campaigns.

On the other side, Hillary Clinton will address to people in New York City at 3pm according to GMT. Prior to that she had called Mr. Trump and accepted her defeat.

President Obama has also called Mr. Trump and congratulated him on his success in the elections.

President Barack Obama has invited Mr. Donald Trump for the discussion over delegation of presidential powers in the White House on Tuesday.

It’s necessary to mention here that Mr. Trump will take oath in the month of January, and he will have majority in the Congress.

During election campaigns for many months month it was observed that Hillary was having dominance over Trump, however, on the day of election, success in numerous significant states brought Trump near to the victory.

In the elections, Trump has achieved success in the states of Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, which has ensured his authority in the White House for the next four years.

Trump has achieved the target of 270 votes in the Wisconsin, which is mandatory for becoming a president or America.

After the victory, while addressing to his supporters in the New York he said that Hillary Clinton had called him and she had congratulated all of us.”

He was saying that the time has come to become a united nation.

The newly elected president of America accepted Hillary as a strong opposition candidate and said that Hillary Clinton also competed well enough, and that he appreciates her struggles for America.

He said that he had initially told that it was not only an election campaign, but a movement in which millions of people participated who wanted the government to serve people.

He said that they will work together and make great America.

I have done business for all my life and I have seen great potential in the America. Every American will be at the focal point. We will bring development in interior cities, routes, hospitals and infrastructure and we will provide employment to millions of people.

On this occasion, Mr. Trump said, “we will continue good relations with all the countries that want to continue good relations with us.”

In addition, he also said that they will encourage co-operation with all the countries, not competition.”

On this event, Mr. Trump also thanked his parents, siblings and children. He also thanked members of the Republican Party who with together with him during the campaign.

Trump got success in 28 states, which also included the states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where from no republican candidate has won since 1988 and 1984.

However, the 69 years old Hillary Clinton who was dreaming to become the first female American president, but after the defeat in the election, she refused to address her supporters.

According to the elections results declared until now, Hillary could only win in 18 states out of 50.




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