6 Easy methods to Earn Money online


At present, there are hundreds of methods to earn money online. In this article, we will focus on few famous of them. Most of the internet marketers and bloggers ignore it. A new learner can be loaded with information. Therefore, in order to avoid that it is a better idea to enlist the most effective methods.

For a newbie, it is usually difficult to initiate an online business for earning money within shorter time.

A newbie can have success if he receives proper guidance and good mentor/s. whereas; the best option is to take action to implement your learning.

So, when we talk about online earning money notions for Blogs, there are several ad networks that are like Plug and Play system.

For suppose, one of the best ad network is Google Adsense, it adds to your regular income, although, for Adsense to be effective you will need to have website that has high traffic of visitors on daily basis. You can earn good income from your website.

Therefore, in this post, you will learn well-known ideas, which a blogger can use to integrate into their own Blog and earn money from it.

Simple & Effective Online earning ideas:

Instead of following typical AdSense route, there are some alternate online earning suggestions, which will help to increase your income to next level. Specifically, in case you have been blogging for a long time and trusting on Adsense for earnings, now this is the time for moving to next level, in this level, you can incorporate some of those techniques that have been used by Pro-bloggers.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing approach in which an affiliate is rewarded by a business for every visitor or client/customer brought onto site by the affiliate’s marketing effort. You may advertise products on your own website or on your blog to increase their marketing you can assist in selling the merchant’s products or you can send potential customers to the business’s website.

If anyone becomes a buyer from your affiliate link, you will be rewarded with a commission that may be of any percentage (from 10 percent to as high as 75 percent) of the product’s original price.

Specifically, if you are in Gadget and tech field, you can simply initiate with Amazon affiliate program. You can also browse CJ and Clickbank marketplace and browse the opportunities for affiliate programs.

  1. Product creation

On the World Wide Web, mostly people are busy in looking for information that is helpful for them in life or for their business. In case if you are enriched with required skills, you can write an eBook or you can create a software through programming skills (HTML, PHP,etc.). It is rather the most effective and profitable method to earn money online…. Because you can start selling thousands of copies in case if you have a great number of affiliates.

Your product could make continuous income for you as it can sell for years and years ahead if it has a high quality and if you adopt best marketing strategies to publicize it. Nevertheless, don’t expect to become rich overnight, because this is a lengthy process and takes time. You need to market your product in a sound way and promote it in a proper way. This way you can start selling your products in large quantities!

Although, the best thing about this technique is, you will only need to work one time for product creation and its promotion, and onwards your affiliates and resellers will further promote your products for affiliate income.

A Blogger can start with creating an eBook and sell it on Amazon, E-junkie, and several such kinds of online marketplaces.

  1. Blogging for Profit

Blogging is a hobby for many people nowadays, and it is a well-known way of earning money online. You can start blogging for both fun and money, but the preferred method suggested here is blogging for earning money if possible. For earning a handsome amount from your own website, you need to create good quality content and publicize your blog well, this way you will start to generate revenues.

As long as you write quality content and please your visitors with their required content, you will definitely start to make money. The most advantageous thing about blogging is that you can also sell spot on your blog for advertisements or you can build a list of subscribers.

You can also try several ad networks, E.g. Media.net, AdSense, Media.netCPM ads, InfoLinks, In-text advertising, Affiliate marketing or you can also use double ideas and apply it on your blog.

Furthermore, you need to know that only creating a blog does not guarantee for earning money, in fact, you will need an appropriate blog business plan and select a niche, which can be super profitable for earning revenue.

E.g., health and finance are included in top Adsense paying niche, likewise select a niche based on your interest, that you have the better skills that you can use to convert your interest into money.

  1. Email Marketing

Internet marketers are admiring the influence of email marketing. It is an effective way of making money.  You might have heard the quote ‘Money is in the List’. You can create a list of subscribers and promote you products and business to them; it will help them increase their business.

What obstacles you face in getting 100,000 subscribers?  You can easily promote your products to your listed subscribers or even other people’s products. There is no query whether creating a list is important for online earning or not.


  1. Domain/Website Flipping

Website Flipping represents buying or building a website, then fixing up and selling it to earn some money. There are multifarious factors that contribute to set selling cost for your domain and the time spent for development, optimization, and user traffic to your website. You can also sell a website in cost starting from 10$ to 1,000000 $, all this depends on your website’s traffic and total worth.

You can have a look at most expensive domain names, and it will help you to understand about how much cash you can simply earn by only selling special domain names.  Here is aother list of sites that you may use for selling websites.

  1. Sell hosting + Domain

Another good idea to earn easy money is simply sale of hosting and domain names in your brand’s name. There are several domain names and hosting registrar companies and you can be included as a white labeled re-seller with them. If you do the promotion of your Hosting service well, you can make huge income out of it.

You can start with GoDaddy, it is one of the top domain re-seller services and requires no fee to get started. You will be spending around $80 to begin with, which you can use to purchase domains for yourself and for your clients.


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